Corporate Services

Assessment services

Total Print Management will help gain visibility into your current usage and uncover hidden costs as you develop a business case for change through a combination of onsite inspections and tailored software. A comprehensive audit of your existing print and copy environment is done without disruption to your business.

This audit allows us to identify the following:

  • Volume per device
  • Age of each device
  • Colour Volume and Mono Volume per device
  • Rental/Leased Equipment
  • Machine Warranty Status
  • Cost of Printing per Device

Financial and procurement services

We will assist you with options as you plan, acquire, retire, and replace your assets to help you achieve a low monthly bill. This plan is tailored specifically to your organisation based on a sound understanding of the end users needs.
Upgrade, integrate, streamline and maintain your printers, photocopiers and multifunction devices with Total Print Management today.

Transition and implementation services

Total Print Management will co-ordinate and ensure  that the right equipment is installed in the appropriate location and that you know how to make the most of its capabilities.

Communication and careful planning is conducted along with your IT Department on all machine installations.

TPM prides itself on the hassle free deployment of devices with in our clients business.

Management and support services

We deliver proactive support to ensure little to no disruption of daily workflow in your office. Automatic Toner and Servicing alerting software is directed to TPM’s helpdesk for immediate attention and action.

TPM can provide service contracts on all your machines to manage the regular servicing and repairs without having to deal with manufacturer individually. One point of contact for all your devices.

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